Custody Dispute Settlement Attorney

Nothing is more important to a parent than his or her child. At the Johnson Law & Pip Recovery, we are dedicated to the protection of our client's parental rights. Whether a case involves divorce, legal separation, paternity or a post-divorce custody/visitation dispute, we are committed to actively seeking the best possible results for the clients we serve in Weymouth, MA.

Few issues in divorce have as much emotional impact as the subject of child custody. Child custody refers to a collection of responsibilities and rights that parents have regarding their children’s general welfare, authority, religion, education and health care. Spouses may settle custody and visitation issues out of court through a private agreement, which is the most often used and preferred method. Located in Weymouth, MA our firm represents individuals and families with child custody and visitation matters throughout our local MA area. To discuss your case with an experienced divorce and family law attorney, call (339) 205-2133 today!

The Attorney You Choose Is Important: Our Experience Matters

Child custody and visitation disputes can be highly charged and contentious. Inexperienced attorneys can inflame matters by engaging in hostile or intimidating legal tactics. These tactics only serve to heighten tensions and dissuade parties from open communication. As an experienced child custody attorney, Johnson Law & Pip Recovery has the knowledge and skill to handle your case with the highest degree of competence and professionalism. With a firm knowledge of family dynamics and negotiation skills that work, our family law attorney has helped many mothers and fathers reach amicable solutions that avoid court costs and foster continued family stability after a divorce or post-divorce dispute.

Of course, there are always cases in which an opposing spouse or their counsel is unwilling to be reasonable. In these cases, we are always prepared to argue effectively and aggressively at trial for the protection of our client's financial and parental rights. We meticulously prepare for the possibility of trial in each case - a practice which has helped our clients achieve powerful results in and out of the courtroom.

To schedule a free consultation with our child custody attorney call our law office in Weymouth, MA.